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    Hi, I'm Shari. Welcome here! I am a photographer in the small town of Oliver, located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC. You're invited to check out past client sessions here on my blog and take a look around to get to know me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like to book a session or just want to chat.

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These women were so much fun!  This lucky little man is surrounded by so much love, it is truly beautiful.  My heart was touched to see these generations taking the time to create special images that capture their love and family.  I hope that they are just as special as you hoped and cherished for a very long time.  Now I’m feeling the need to do the same thing with my mom and grandmother…

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New life.  Tiny fingers, tiny toes, beyond soft skin and that unforgettable baby smell. There is truly nothing else like it.  Little Benjamin was as sweet as he looks.  Already so adored by his older siblings.  Spending a morning with this little man and his family was a true delight!

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009-storyboardIt was great to meet up with this wonderful family in Oliver on a recent Saturday morning.  The only thing harder than getting ready for family photos is getting ready for extended family photos.  I always feel great respect for anyone that can gather their clan together and make family photos a reality.  Thank you for making the effort to document your extended family.  I know it’s tough but it’s always worth it.  After we met up at a local park we went to the grandparents home for a few more photos of everyone and some special ones of just the grandparents.  It is always such a pleasure for me to photograph the elderly.  Perhaps it’s because of the value that I place with my own grandparents. Regardless, these are images that have incredible value for so many reasons.  Thank you for a great morning!



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001-Oliver BC Family Photographer

This family. This place.  The light.  One of the best parts about being a photographer is being able to see, like really see.  Emotions, light, composition. Life and relationships can be so beautiful… sometimes I can barely stand it, seriously.  Spending the early evening hours with this family was no different.  In those moments when I step back and just let people be I can feel my heart skip a beat.  The authentic way that a couple makes eye contact, the goofy playfulness of children, the way a father reaches for his child, the embrace of a mother.  These are the moments that I seek to capture.  It’s in these moments that we have enough, when all the worries of life and “what’s next” don’t matter.  It’s the here and now and it’s relationships.  These moments make our heart full… they matter.

I’ve only known this family for a year and a half, yet I feel like it’s been much longer.  Perhaps it’s just the way it is with kindred spirits.   I will be forever grateful for the way that they have impacted my life and the friendship that we share.

I don’t know what life has in store for your family, but I do know that an adventure awaits you.  I hope that these images always remind you of a sense of “home” and your “good ol’ days” in Oliver.  They have been challenging in so many ways, yet they have been sweet and beautiful.  Much love. ~Shari

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