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    Hi, I'm Shari. Welcome here! I am a photographer in the small town of Oliver, located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC. You're invited to check out past client sessions here on my blog and take a look around to get to know me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like to book a session or just want to chat.

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2D6A8166They met in sixth grade.  She liked him from the start but it took him a little longer to notice her.  Carmen and Malcom were high school sweethearts.  Their relationship is full of kindness, grace and adoring love.   For these two their wedding day was about each other and surrounding themselves with close family and friends.

Down a little country road, near fruit stands and orchards sits a beautiful country home.  Outside the sheep were in the pasture and the butterflies were among the flowers (really).  Inside, the girls were getting their hair down and practicing “walking down the aisle” up and down the hallway.  There was laughing, quiet smiles and sweet anticipation of what the day would bring.  What a joy it was to be able to document and tell the story of Carmen and Malcom’s amazing wedding day.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the day was perfect. Carmen and Malcom, may your love continue to grow and deepen through your married life.  May you serve each other and God with joyful hearts.  May you always find comfort, safety and love in each others arms.  This is a snapshot of Carmen and Malcom’s day… I hope it takes you back to the sights, sounds and beautiful moments of their day.

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2D6A7459I used to teach with Sandra many years ago in Abbotsford.  It’s funny how the online world can make us feel like we’ve kept in touch more than we actually have.  I’ve always been grateful to see her little updates and follow along with what her family has been up to.  I was delighted when she got in touch saying that they were coming for a summer holiday in Oliver.  We had a great little family photo session and then got to spend time together the following day. When I think of people that are joyful and in general just super lovely, Sandra is defiantly on the list.  She’s got that contagious smile and passion for life.  It was so great meeting her kids and getting a glimpse of their personalities as well.

2D6A7511Oliver BC Family Photographer 12D6A75482D6A75752D6A76572D6A75602D6A7664Oliver BC Childrens Photographer 12D6A77272D6A77382D6A7771

2D6A3817This.  Family, love, and a new baby.  These days are exhausting but they sure are sweet and beautiful.  Photographing a family in their own home is always an incredible honour and an experience that makes my heart oh so happy.  This is where a family is most comfortable and themselves.  Toddlers can play and even break for a nap.  I hope that these images always take your family back to your first week home from the hospital (the sweet and the challenging).  I hope that they stir your heart with the goodness that we find in family.  On the hard days, because we know that they happen, may they always remind you of the love that you share and the gift that you have in each other.

This little darling was beyond delightful and super sleepy.  Ashling, you gave such wonderful little cuddles!

*Adorable modern floral swaddling blanket from Ebebês Homemades, a local Children’s clothing business.

2D6A3826Oliver Newborn Lifestyle Photographer2D6A37842D6A38482D6A3836

2D6A38812D6A3921Oliver BC Newborn Lifestyle Photographer2D6A39822D6A3989Oliver BC Newborn Photographer 22D6A40062D6A40352D6A4138Oliver BC Newborn Photographer 3Oliver BC Newborn Photographer2D6A41332D6A42162D6A40522D6A40562D6A40622D6A41022D6A40692D6A40872D6A4227Oliver BC Newborn Photographer 42D6A4330