Hi, my name is Shari.  I am located in the lovely south Okanagan in Oliver, BC.  Besides being a photographer, I am a mommy to four beautiful children and wife to an incredible man.   I am a teacher, married to a winemaker that lives in a campground.  We live a fun and beautiful life. I am passionate about “capturing” my life the way I see it, beautiful and blessed.    Photographing my family’s everyday has helped me be more thankful for my own life and the world around me.  The everyday is beautiful and captivating.

While I have always loved photography, my journey began out of a need to have better images for my graphic design business (Dolcetto Designs) coupled with a strong desire to have beautiful images of my own young children.   Fast forward five years and I have developed a fairly extensive photography and graphic design portfolio.  I have earned several awards, been published on many photography websites and have had the experience of meeting many amazing people.  I have also had the privilege of leading a photography club for women, taken many workshops and classes and have taught workshops myself.  I am passionate about telling stories through photographs.  It is the people that I have met and the stories that I have documented that have made me passionate about photographing others.  I want my photos to be wonderful because of the meaning that’s associated with them and the memories that they hold.   I am inspired to create images that speak to your heart and are cherished for a lifetime.

I’d be honoured to chat about your family, relationship or upcoming event. Feel free to get in touch!


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